American close cc is killed than city happening alarm case murderer drives patron wagon runs away

In report will occupy new network on May 10 American media coverage, american close cc is killed than上海千花网论坛 city happening alarm case, two policemans of city of the Si Bao that breath out the base of a fruit meet with 9 days l上海千花网论坛ate local time shoot dead, the murderer drives patron wagon runs away. Authorities is pursueing two suspects, but have no the motive of be found out and brought to justice that makes public them.

According to the report, the accident is made an appointment with 9 days night this month local time 8 when, when two polices cut checks car, shoot by the person fire, after sending a courtyard, confirm do not treat.

Police block field survey, counting a street patron wagon is found besides the mouth, believe to patron wagon drives to run away after the murderer is found out and brought to justice, the dweller stays in the home near the appeal.

Local medium reports, two suspects that police pursues arrest are Maerwen (Marvin Banks) Ji Kedi this (Curtis Banks) .

Authorities of short duration did not announce two to die at one's post constabulary identity. City is opposite Hadisibao to last time the police is killed, the thing that had been 1984.


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Dog of belt of general of Hollywood star heart enters a country Australia is checked bay square diplomatic note lets dog euthanasia

Login register general of heart of star of Hollywood of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to take a dog to enter a country is Australia checked bay does square diplomatic note let: of dog euthanasia origin? This ┏ collate?2015-05-16 14:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Pirate captain loves a dog with his.

Australian government and Caribbean pilfer are dry went up, the fuse is two dogs. 13 days, australian Ministry of Agriculture becomes red star to Hollywood, " Caribbean pilfer " serial main actor writings brush Nidepu issues ultimatum about, deadline gives movement of his two pet dog 72 hours Australia, otherwise they will be put to death.

Diplomatic note or lets dog euthanasia

Heart general is filming in Australia " Caribbean pilfer " the 5th collect, because hand ministry gets hurt to will return American cure in March, lunar return Australia continues to pat on piece. But, he is taking pet dogskin on private plane Situoer and wave, quarantine was not declared to Australian custom however when entering a country. Australian quarantine system is rigid, carry an animal to enter a country need to declare. After entering a country, the animal must accept quarantine of at least 10 days of segregation.

Agricultural minister Banabiqiaoyisi urges heart general 14 days to remand the dog again the United States, also do not want to see them again otherwise. Now, gentleman of or heart general remands[......]

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India is severe dozen everywhere pee behavior 109 local are arrested put in prison

In report will occupy new network on June 28 outside intermediary report, case of A of Indian north state plays railroad policeman the sweeping operation that occur for the first time launched a by a definite date 48 hours a few days ago, 109 go up in railroad belongings of pee red-handed the jail that be entered by 上海千花网论坛detain 24 hours, the ability after capture pays fine but get-off.

The report says, case of A of Indian north state pulls the Tai Jiling that is one of 7 old wonderful view of world to be in city .

It is reported, local police station is long agree accept to the station each corner is full of the people in public pee and the behavior detest that say areca juice in disorder, give orders to police takes action to these people and undertake condemnatory.

The report points out, 48 hours ban the action to be in area under administration with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of 12 place station, arrest 109 people in all. They are arrived to be in by capture include platform and orbit to jockey the pee on the railroad belongings such as the area.

These convict detain the jail that be entered by detain 24 hours, depend on the clue weight of the social effects of pollution that cause, hand in in capture 100 to 500 rupee differ the get-off after fine.

Agree accept is being accepted when interviewing, express, sweeping action is premier Mo Diqing the one annulus in clean India motion, the person that break the law will be punished the 34th times[......]

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Wind-force of route chart of future of grand of Can of the 9th typhoon reached rainfall to be updated in real time 2015

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian did wind-force of route chart of future of grand of Can of the 9th typhoon reach rainfall to update origin: in real time 2015? Wake?2015-07-01 11:4 of gizzard  QiongEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Latest news:

Central observatory on July 12 10 when release typhonic yellow early-warning:

This year上海千花网论坛 grand of Can of the 9th typhoon today (12 days) in the morning by typhonic class abate for strong tropics storm class, its center was located in at 9 o'clock in the morning on the offing of Yellow Sea south that makes an appointment with 540 kilometers toward Han boundary south by west, it is north latitude 33.3 degrees, the east longitude 123.7 degrees, the biggest wind-force has 11 class near the center (30 meters / second, class of strong tropical storm) , central lowest atmospheric pressure is 980 100 handkerchief, kilometer of 200-350 of radius of 7 class solar or lunar halo, kilometer of 80-100 of radius of 10 class solar or lunar halo.

Predict, can grand will with horary the rate that 40 kilometers influence is fast and northerly slant Oriental to shift, intensity continues abate, will be in at 13 days of before dawn ministry of Korea peninsula northwest is landed again littoral, the intensity when landing arrives for tropical storm class intertropical and low-pressure class (7-8 class, 16-18 rice) .

12 days 14 when to 13 days 14 when, area of[......]

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3 years old of one male Tong Yongzu of American father handgun him quiver the head dies

China News Service rests electric United States will embrace Si Dui on July 6 gun big city gets Kesasi the city makes calamity cursorily because of firearms management again. 3 years old of male Tong Yongzu handgun him quiver of father is facial, the rescue after sending medical service is invalid, 6 days are in cease Si Dui hospital is announced to die.

Accident happening is in 5 days afternoon, boy grandparent is located in cease in the home of area of Si Pulin of Si Duibei ministry. At that time, the grandparent that attends the child leaves the child in the siesta in house, gun sound is heard after about 30 minutes.

Police officer this north abstruse (Ben Beall) says, execute the law personnel is received call the police drive go to spot perambulate, discover the child is inside the bedroom by.38 of a caliber in semi-automatic hand pop, this is his accident shooting quiver apparently oneself head. Hermann of 4 areas policeman (Mark Herman) confirms, there is bullet to go out on the boy's cut shoot a point.

After the accident, male child by rescue helicopter urgent send toward cease Siduiheman commemorates a hospital, but 6 Ribuzhi dies.

The handgun when the boy's grandfather cannot affirm an accident is go up in 上海千花网论坛ark of the head of a bed or inside. The detective that investigates this case thinks, already the handgun of be loaded is not on ark of the head of a bed. Office of Harris county police station is investigating the position that the handgun deposits, and whet[......]

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General Beijing: Asian some countries attempt to change Tokyo to try a decision

Login register Beijing of general of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Do Asian some countries attempt to change Tokyo to try decision origin: ? ?2015-09-02 10:1 of ┗  northEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

According to report of Xinhua News Agency a few days ago, beijing of Russia president general is in visit China attend Chinese people War of Resistance Against Japan and world to turn over fascist war to win eve of 70 anniversary activity, when media of the Russia in accepting is interviewed jointly, express, the two countries in Russia holds similar view to the origin of World War II, history and result. Should prevent Nazism and militarism revive and diffuse.

The graph is on August 26, the foundation before Russia consults square team is undertaking sufferring reading trains. Cha Chunming of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Our two countries is the ally of beat back Nazism and Japanese militarism, bore the main charge of aggressor. We are held out in this fierce fight not only, and gained a victory, brought peaceful life to the world. General Beijing points out, people of Su Zhong two countries is remembered in the mutual support of hard years, collective history, become the firm basis of the relation in current Russia.

General Beijing says, today, in Europe and Asia, somebody attempts to distort history of World War II, wanton to a few incident, especially prewar what und[......]

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Trample of Mecca go on a pilgrimage or send death of at least 1300 people to even more 2000 people are injured (graph)

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes hap上海千花网论坛py and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is take上海千花网论坛n


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Japanese happening interlink destroys doubt of door massacre murderer is Peruvian man (the spot pursues)

Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to produce interlink to destroy doubt of door massacre murderer is Peruvian man (does the spot pursue) origin: ?  tries know well?2015-09-17 15:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

International is online stalk of grai上海千花网论坛n only: According to Japan " produce classics news " will report on上海千花网论坛 September 17, local time 16 days afternoon 4 when half, city of ursine cereal of county of jade of Japanese fine jade 84 years old of females are to death by discovery inside the bathroom. The police is in the around discovery when ransacking, two when there still is a mother of 41 years old and her inside the residence that is apart from this one bathroom to make an appointment with 100 meters go up the daughter of elementary school is killed to die, 3 people body is hidden in a built-in wardrobe or cupboard.

Reconnaissance of field of discovery of police on record (webpage cut pursues)

When prefectural police ransacks, fine jade jade discovers, a man is about to escape the spot, seize its then. Police discloses, kitchen knife is held when the man escapes. It is reported, guilty suspect is Peruvian, the age is 30 years old. Fracture of ministry of thereinbefore of this male specific item, accepting treatment, detailed inquiry will have after the police waits for his to reply.

And the another place residence that makes an appointment with 1 kilometer in abo[......]

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Height of the youngest bride has the world only height of 81 centimeters of bridegroom 180 centimeters (graph)

Login register world of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does height of the youngest bride have height of 81 centimeters of bridegroom only 180 centimeters (graph) origin: ?  paralysis?2015-10-14 11:0Edition of electr上海千花网论坛on of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

According to " lens signs up for " 12 days of reports, when Oman dyne is born, British woman contracts severe gristle disease, height has 81 centimeters only, and cannot stand by oneself. She once thought to be able to be willing to marry her without the person all the time, but the other in part that she found herself however, and the hall that with height 180 centimeters Steven entered wedding formally. She is called by flower intermediary the world is the smallest bride.

The world is the smallest bride

Just was born that day, the doctor tells Oman the father and mother that amount to, this girl may have not lived at all the following day, amount to to Oman so for, she can marry parturient even, it is the issue that wants not to have the courage to think simply.

Oman is amounted to Steven was encountered 2007, two people work in company of same home taxi, but the ability after getting along two years begins appointment. Steven's mother is the boss of firm of two people location, oman amounts to special concern she can object. However, steven's mother is first-rate to her, never mind her height.

Oman is amounted to and Steven lives the life like normal sweethea[......]

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