'It's kind of wild': As 10 NL teams hover near .500, the second half could get interesting

Baseball The second half of the National League schedule starts Friday afternoon, and 夜网论坛two-third of the teams in the Senior Circuit are in a similar boat. The boat isn’t exactly an old dinghy, but it ain’t a luxury yacht, either. Ten of the 15 clubs are within five games (plus or minus) of the .500 mark. With the July 31 trade deadline just a few weeks away — there is no non-waiver deadline this year, remember, so all trades have to be made by July 31 — there are a lot of teams that have to decide whether they’re going to make a playoff push in 2019 or deal assets to build toward the future.  MORE: Watch 'ChangeUp,' a new live whiparound show on DAZNHere at those 10 teams — all five NL Central squads are in there — and their relationship to .500: — Nationals: 5 over— Phillies: 4 over— Cubs: 4 over — Brewers: 3 over— Diamondbacks: 1 over— Padres: Even— Cardinals: Even— Rockies: 1 under— Pirates: 1 under— Reds: 5 underThe other five squads, in case you’re curious: Dodgers (28 over), Braves (17 over), Giants (7 under), Mets (10 under), Marlins (22 under). So what does that logjam mean? I posed that question to a few players in that situation at All-Star media day. Rockies outfielder David Dahl: “It means there are some good teams competing for wild card spots, even though teams haven’t even played their best ball yet. That’s what it shows.”Brewers starter Brandon Woodruff: “It shows that a lot of the teams are bala[......]

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