China encou上海花千坊419nters durative rainf上海外菜会所all more stricken be hit by a natural adversity frequenting pecuniary loss is severe

Beijing of China News Service on July 4 report (Liu Xiaogong of adept of Zhang Wei week) 4 days, china still is being sufferred more continuously strong rainfall " assault " . Affection of much day high water brings about the province such as Anhui, Guizhou to suffer big calamity of hail of waterlogged, coast, wind, pecuniary loss is severe.

On July 3, because suffer day after day rainstorm influence, liuzhou of river of Guangxi willow river paragraph appear transcend warning line. Wang Yizhao is photographed

Up to on July 4 9 when, statistic of hall of Guizhou Province civil administration, the 9 city such as 6 dishes of Guiyang, water, abide by justice (autonomous prefecture) 52 counties (city, area) 719 thousand person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because of calamity 1 person dies, 1 person is missing, 25 thousand person tightens rapid move to find a place for, 6700 more than person needs urgent life deliveran上海千花网论坛ce; More than 300 building collapses, nearly 7900 different level damage; Crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area 35.8 1000 hectare, receive 3.3 1000 hectare absolutely among them; Immediate pecuniary loss 760 million yuan of RMBs.

As we have learned, city of county of this hill of second Xiang Lei, quiet town suffers Red Cross of foundation of Chinese Red Cross, Guizhou Province calamity people grants value of 600 thousand yuan of RMB " reliev上海各区gm资源汇总e family case " 2000, lash-up of the interim after helping 2000 families cal上海贵族宝贝论坛ami[......]

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Qinghai lake records grey上海贵族宝贝论坛 neck Zuo first上海龙凤1314 avian kind number amounts to 223 kinds

Xining of China News Service on July 15 report (reporter Luo Yunpeng) management board of groove guard of nature of level of Qinghai lake state says 15 days, this bureau personnel that monitor was in wet ground of bay of Qinghai lake fairy to monitor green gray of medium bodily form, head, private parts to slant recently the sparrow form eye of pink is avian夜上海论坛. Be opposite through be being compared repeatedly and admit really through avian expert, it夜上海论坛 is grey neck Zuo certainly finally, for Qinghai lake new record bird is planted. So far, qinghai lake bird is planted the recor上海千花网论坛d increases to 223 kinds.

魔都新茶论坛 Data chart: China is the biggest lake of inland lagoon Qinghai. Zhang Tianfu of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Regard China as the biggest inland laky, qinghai lake is the modes of life and relation to their environment is safe important water system hold together Qinghai-Tibet Platean, control not only western desert changes the natural protective screen that spreads eastwards, also be medium inferior, East Asia two migrant migrate of the course hand in collect a place, migrate every year in Qinghai lake the migrant that stay has 92 to plant more than 200 thousand, it is amount of breed of Chinese churchyard migrant most, plant group of progenitive land that focus most.

Survey of management board of groove guard of nature of level of Qinghai lake state member He Yubang says, grey neck Zuo basically distributings in China at assorted of Xinjia[......]

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Mechanism of class of上海千花女生自荐 4 big city starts Beijing by this year move, garrison deputy center administra上海花千坊419tive office division

[editor's note]

Sign up for a net according to Beijing on July 15 message, project of Beijing city deputy center holds network press conference, chen Hong of Chen Weidong of Zheng Zhiyong of project office director, standing vice director, chief engi上海千花网论坛neer amounts to division of office of administration of Beijing city deputy center wait for an answer to quiz.

Director Zheng Zhiyong

Ask: Does project of division of office of administration of Beijing city deputy center make progress at present what phase? Whether assure to be started by this year move?

Answer: Construction of Beijing city deputy center regards chiliad as a major programme of lasting importance, the affairs of state, at present the project goes well. Administrative office division shows already start working 28 projects. Lead a directive according to city, the project does strict according to " office of Party and goverment officials builds a standard with the room " project of division of constituent administration office designs construction. Current, quadruplet team He Sidong appoint do bureau office building to undertaking build by laying bricks or stones of 2 structures inside the building is built, Electromechanical cop installation and act wall construction. Plan wall of the act outside be being finished basically is installed by July, a top is finished to seal by August surround, the bottom essence that finish will be decorated in December, Electromechanical and informatization project, the end of the[......]

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Committee member of上海龙凤后花园 municipal Party committee of head of Zhengjian Ge Ren Shan, members of sta夜上海论坛nding committee, vice secretary (graph / resume)

The reporter does small gain know from lash-up of Shan head muni上海千花网论坛cipal government, recently, approval of provincial Party committee: Comrade Zheng Jiange holds the post of committee member of Shan head municipal Party committee, members of standing committee, vice secretary. Municipal Party committee agrees: Comrade Zheng Jiange holds the post of secretary of leading Party group of Shan head municipal government.

Resume of Comrade Zheng Jiange

1983.09, 1986.07, major of agronomy of schools of Zhan Jiang agriculture learns

1986.07, 1990.12, zhan Jiang environs appoint office work

1990.12, 1993.11, zhan Jiang environs appoint survey room vice director

1993.11, 1994.12, affairs concerning nationals living abroad of district of regulation of hemp of Zhan Jiang city manages a vice director

1994.12, 1998.06, affairs concerning nationals living abroad of district of regulation of hemp of Zhan Jiang city manages a director

1998.06, 1999.02, affairs concerning nationals living abroad of district of regulation of hemp of Zhan Jiang city does a director to hold district government concurrently to manage a vice director

1999.02, 2001.03, vice secretary of Party committee of town of chapter of hemp of district of regulation of hemp of Zhan Jiang city, alcalde (meantime: 1998.09, 2000.07, era management major shows to teach by correspondence in Guangdong administration institute study of this regular professional training)

2001.03, 2001.11, chapter of hemp of district of regulation of hem[......]

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Gao Chengyon贵族宝贝花千坊g of convict of silver interlin龙凤419贵族宝贝k murder is executed time: On January 3, 2019

Via approve of top people court, this morning, convict Gao Chengyong is executed. The member that procuratorial work mechanism is sent lawfully is faced supervise.

Came in May 1988 between Feburary 2002, gao Chengyong of the accused person is in city of city of silver of the Gansu Province, Baotou of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region to be carried out continuously rob, body of intended homicide, rape, affront commits a crime, cause death of 11 women the victim in all. Difficulty of this case details of a case, complex, social effect is major, public opinion attention is spent tall. Court of silver city intermediate people comprises collegiate bench lawfully, undertook to this case at coming 19 days on July 18, 2017 underground open a court session is tried, listened to opinion of both sides dominating 上海验证徐汇白妃debate adequately, solid to entire case issue evidence and law are applicable undertook be checkupped seriously, research. On March 30, 2018, intermediate people court adjudges silver city pub上海千花网论坛licly, gao Chengyong of person of cognizance the accused makes rob a blame, sentence capital punishment, privative politics right is lifelong, be in confiscate an individual total worth; Commit intended homicide, sentence capital punishment, privative politics right is lifelong; Make forcible rape, sentence a set term of imprisonment 10 years, privative politics r上海2020龙凤ight 3 years; C上海千花网论坛ommit contemptuous body crime, sentence a set term of imp龙凤419贵族宝贝risonment 3 years, decide to execu[......]

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Fetch of the Jing in sky: Flower switchback breaks out breakdown, the tourist is stranded 5 hours

To a lot of people, s上海千花网论坛witchback is amusement park in most adventruous project. Writhing whirly in when enjoying top class stimulation, passengers hope those who see is the car halts suddenly least of all. Occupy British media 4 days to report, in running way a few days ago, the switchback of an amusement park produced Scotland breakdown, bring about 9 passengers to be stranded be as long as in sky 5 hours.

Although this the name is " seismic sea wave " suspensory switchback, the condition上海千花网论坛 of passenger head over heels won't produce when midway stops, but this kind of accident still lets them feel scared extremely. (China Daily website stalks of grain especially) responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt[......]

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Former Shen Tailang of stone of Japanese right winger is exposed to the sun to suffer beautiful spy to operate plan of doubt CIA behind the curtain

The report will say Japanese LITERA website on November 20, ceng Yi spends a suggestion to want retired, allege before body condition is inferior to greatly, cannot give the Shiyuan of Japanese right winger of outside incommode Shen Tailang, still decide Ma Can finally to increase numerous courtyard vote definitely. 2013, be in hospital of be laid up of block of stone reason head, the outside also for a time hearsay the view of care of can of its health condition, weighing Shi Yuan is only to conserve the seat in a legislature of party of second for generations and the decoration of the setting, but him Shi Yuan will and spirit is very high however. Wait for a series of movements with modification constitution according to the result of this election, shi Yuan becomes the crucial person in Japanese political situation again also is not impossible. However, it is such stone former Shen Tailang, unexpectedly the message said he is operated emissarily by the United States recently.

The report says, before prosecutor is saved for Japanese foreign affairs go smoothly of curule Sun Qi. Regard the Sun Qi of essayist as henry in recent years, spread out acerb and severe criticism to Japanese diplomacy respect, nevertheless Sun Qi ever assumed office Yu Su couplet and American embassy, basically analyse the job of the domain from thing information, it is the anybody that ever had held the position of important post of international information director. Namely such Sun Qi, the on-th[......]

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Black box discovers De Yi crashs deputy drive to adjust aircraft altitude to be quickened in cold blood

In new network report will report 3 days according to Afp on April 3, french investigation personnel makes a statement say, 9525 times the 2nd of wreck airliner black box undertakes the ala to Germany the discovery afte上海千花网论坛r the analysis, plane deputy driving behavior is had in cold blood quality.

Statement says, investigation personnel undertook to the data of black box preliminary read take and analyse, the result shows, plane driver adjusted automatic navigation device, come high setting 30 meters to drop. After the plane drops through a few, he again adjusting gear, the setting is accelerate plane rate.

Before this, responsible investigation crashs this Bulisiluobin publishs the inq上海千花网论坛uisitor of French Marseilles republic of incident 2 days news bulletin says, investigation personnel found the 2nd on the plane black box in crashing spot that day. Robin expresses, investigation personnel hope discovers from inside this black box more is concerned deputy drive the mobile news in cockpit, how is the flight setting that knows this wreck flight number changed.

(Original title: De Yi crashs deputy drive come high attune 30 meters to fall in cold blood and quicken)


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Mu Erxi of the president before Egypt is sentenced because of escape from prison multinomial accusation is faced after capital punishment is nonofficeholding

Because is escape from prison sentenced,log onto Mu Erxi of the president before registering Egypt of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of multinomial accusation origin is faced with after is capital punishment nonofficeholding? ?2015-05-18 10:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In report will report new net integratedly on May 18, local time 16 days, mu Erxi of the president before Egypt should be sentenced because of blame of escape from prison capital punishment. This one court decision of the court cau上海千花网论坛ses international to astonish, american respect expresses to be deeply concerned badly, say this one court decision has be contrary to at international standard standard. Egypt respect refutes the criticism of partial country, say this is independent to Egypt judicatory interference. And outside the blame of escape from prison besides this, mu Erxi still is faced with spy, piece alarm, the multinomial accusation such as incendiary force.

On April 21, muerxi of the president before Egypt in Egypt Caire one court appears in court. Muerxi of the president before one court adjudicates Egypt that day is imprisoned 20 years, case of its place experience is the remonstrant before door of presidential government office was killed 2012 one case.

The first Mu Erxi is Egypt civilian elect a president. However, after he appears on the stage, the government of its le[......]

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