DJ LeMahieu had a great year, but he was never going to be the AL MVP

null Baseball Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on.Now it's time for the awkward record scratch: In case you haven't noticed, there's a burgeoning, bloated group of Yankees fans who really, really want you to believe that DJ LeMahieu was the 2019 AL MVP. If the finalists for the voting prove anything, it's this: That is not the case. The three AL MVP finalists didn't feature any surprises — the Angels' Mike Trout, the Astros' Alex Bregman and the Athletics' Marcus Semien. Those three finished top three in the AL in fWAR, with LeMahieu finishing 10th.FAGAN: The most problematic contracts in the AL East As always, WAR isn't the end-all-be-all stat in baseball. It's a counting stat that's largely free of context. Remember, stats without context are just numbers. New York fans will point to LeMahieu's domination with RISP numbers to make the case.Let's have a comparison: But there's a fundamental flaw of what's happning here: Numbers with runners in scoring position, are always context dependent. LeMahieu: 145 PAs, .389/.438/.549, six home runs, 73 RBIsSemien: 128 PAs, .327/.445/.702, nine home runs, 58 RBIsTrout: 133 PAs, .297/.489/.670, eight home runs, 56 RBIsBregman: 166 PAs, .250/.373/.516, nine home runs, 66 RBIsAs we know, a cookie jar is only as good as what's inside, which is why OBP matters a ton in this. As a whole, among n[......]

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